UX / UI Design

The user experience and user Interface practice designs aesthetically pleasing and functional systems for platforms in a variety of service fields. Whether your business needs a fully mobile application or one that is serviceable over multiple devices, our extensive engineering history coupled with our modern design practices will put attractive and usable software at your fingertips.

Strategic Road-map

At KOgent, we work side by side with project stakeholders to ensure that the usability of your final product meets the required functionality. As the first step, we seek to completely understand your unique business goals, and how we can best serve YOU. We take an in-depth look at systems currently in place and identify any deficiencies. Basic requirements for the new system are defined at this time and the following step sets the stage for a successful design.

User Research

Our knowledge of behavioral science and appropriate research methods allows us to capture the information needed to create a product that serves your business needs and both employee and/or consumer user expectations. Significant time and effort is spent in this area, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. We use multiple information gathering techniques and data points determine the best course of action – either improving the functionality of the current system or designing an entirely new product.

Wire Framing

 Similar to an architectural blueprint, a wireframe allows both the stakeholders and designers to see the layout of the project before building begins. Two dimensional in nature, wireframes show where menus will be placed, the varying states of buttons as well as other features critical to the user interface. This is done without any regard to graphical features such as color in order to ensure that the system is usable at the most basic level.


Clickable prototypes allow users to provide constructive feedback to developers regarding both aesthetic preferences and usability. Changes can easily be made and potential pitfalls identified before a single line of code is written. The advantages of physically trying out designs in this form are significant compared to waiting for developers to create versions in code.


The completed designs can be handed off to the developers at KOgent or another team of your choice, simplifying their coding process and improving the chances for a successful result.